Bradley E Hughes Consulting

Bradley E Hughes Consulting (formerly Brad Hughes Marketing) was established in California in 1998 as a consulting company to the global bicycle industry, and then re-established in 2005 and 2013 expanding our scope to include all active lifestyle and leisure sports industries.

Corporate Vision

To become reliable, trustworthy and dependable representatives of your business interests in Asia.

Corporate Mission

Bradley E Hughes Consulting is your western connection in Asia providing outstanding service to a
select number of clients specializing in marketing and business planning, product development,
supply chain and product sourcing.
People, customers and products are our business.

Corporate Values

Purpose: To create solid business partnerships and to satisfy the clients needs in a professional manner.

Great Product: Design and quality are paramount to your success.
Golden Rule: Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.
Teamwork: Think ‘we’ not ‘I’.
Best Effort: Do your best; always strive for an ‘A’.
Details: It is the little things that matter, details make the difference.
Integrity: We are honest, sincere and honor our commitments. We strive to be consistent and fair.

Partnership: Maintain good strategic alliances, be demanding yet respectful and strive for the ultimate in competitiveness.

Principles Background

Bradley E. Hughes, a former Senior

Executive for Dorel Industries, who held the position of General
Manager for the Taiwan branch. At Dorel, Hughes played a key role in establishing the branch office, managed the day to day operations, grew the staff to 32 including: an R&D team, a supply chain team, a sourcing/development team, a field quality team and established an in-house test laboratory.

He is a senior executive with domestic and international experience in P&L, strategic planning, cross functional team leadership, supply chain management as well as extensive experience in product development & marketing and in locating reliable global business partners.

Since leaving Dorel, Hughes has re-established Bradley E Hughes Consulting., aiming to re-establish his reputation as a senior advisor to the trade. He is well connected with factories in Taiwan/China, having traveled in Asia over 35 years and resided in Taiwan for 12years, everybody knows him. He will also draw from his USA and European connections to establish additional new business where he
is well connected in the bicycle community.

Hughes obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL.

Brief list of accomplishments:

  • Former Managing Partner, HPS,LLC, Lyndon Station, Wi.
  • Placed CEO, E-Commerce VP, Customer Experience VP at start-up company Denago Bikes, Dallas Tx
  • Co-created business, sales, marketing plan for e-Bike retro kit, eTronic, Taipei Taiwan(TDCM)
  • Business assessment for Trailmate Tricycles, which lead to the design, development, sourcing of the new alloy Hefty Hauler industrial Trike, Sarsota, Fla.
  • Provided sourcing plan for Radio Flyer, Chicago, Il.
  • Initiated the design, development, sourcing for a Fat eBike, Voltage Cycles, Dallas,Tx.
  • Developed a USA sales plan for UnderShield, an Italian clothing company
  • Initiated a sourcing plan for ExoKinetics (Zeen) mobility scooter, West Chester, Pa.
  • Provide on-going management consultation for Prevelo Bikes,Westlake,Ca.
  • Business & management training for Ming Cycle/Yong Qi Bicycle and GW-mfg.Taichung, Taiwan
  • Factory assessment and improvement plan for Ming Cycle/Yong Qi Bicycle, Changzhou, China
  • Business analysis and 3 year plan for a large Taichung Taiwan based CNC/component supplier
  • Business analysis and comprehensive 3-year business plan for RUSH Inc.
  • Co-developed and sourced a new range of 16”, 20” Strider running bikes
  • Developed a relationship with Zoyi Capital, Taipei Taiwan, re; sales and acquisitions opportunities
  • in the bicycle business
  • Created a new bicycle brand for an Asian based company, Ascent Bicycles
  • Created a 3-year business plan for Ascent Bicycles focused on the emerging Asian Markets
  • company.
  • Implemented a Guarantee to Buy Program with 2 largest carbon fiber suppliers which resulted in a
  • 50% on-time delivery improvement.
  • Reorganized and streamlined a global forecast process resulting in shorter lead times.
  • Built and staffed an EN/CPSC based test lab in Taichung.
  • Compiled benchmark sourcing strategies for China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand
    bicycle assembly.
  • Completed a redesign of all marketing materials for Alexrims & A-Class wheelsets.
    *Ground up full suspension project completed for a USA based client.
  • Successful completion of a new range of parts & accessories for a USA based client.
  • Successfully co-developed and source the Roller Loader for a USA based client.
  • Created and launched Bengal Performance Disc Brakes resulting in over $3 usd million in sales.
  • Created and launched two new brands (RUSH and Radius) resulting in over $2 usd million in sales.
  • Successfully co-developed and sourced the Diggler, 20” mountain scooter.
  • Successfully co-developed and sourced the 12” Strider, walking/balance bike.
  • Identified new customers in Mexico for a Chinese aluminum frame factory resulting in quarter
    million dollars in sales.
  • Created break through marketing/creative campaigns, securing numerous product reviews.
  • Created corporate branding & positioning strategies.
  • USA Patent holder.
  • Co-developed over 25 new products.
  • Placed media buys and issued dozens of PR campaigns for four clients.
  • Annual market trend analysis.
  • Tooling capacity and utilization plan for a large North American brand to include detailed monthly
    tracking reports, safety stock analysis, model year change over.
  • Copywriter, brand name development, product developer, creative director, trade show booth design, customer service.